This project consisted of renovations within the existing school to create a new full day kindergarten facility and construction of a new addition to accommodate the school library. The interior renovations involved the typical HVAC and electrical modifications as well as a full range of interior finishes including millwork and washrooms. The new addition proved to be one of the most challenging projects BDA has undertaken in nearly 20 years. Every aspect of the construction was unique and required extraordinary attention to detail. The elevated structure was supported atop a 16’ high cast-in-place elliptical column. The forms for the column were custom engineered and built on-site. The steel structure for the library consisted of a complex series of custom fabricated trusses forming a double curve. The line separating the curved soffit from the curved façade was a small custom curved metal bar over 100’ in length. The cladding system of cementitious panels were each cut to size, pre-drilled and painstakingly fit into place. The nature of the design did not allow for speed or efficiency in execution and it was necessary in the end to sacrifice time for quality. We believe the final product is spectacular and are very proud of this project.

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