Health And Safety

At BDA, the team’s internal Health and Safety coordinator works hand in hand with Toccar Brown, co-principal of BDA; they work in collaboration to ensure the safety and well-being of all workers, both in office, and on site. With an organized and serious outlook concerning individual livelihood in the workplace, the entire BDA staff is always working vigilantly – with focus on health and safety as the primary element of any project undertaken.

As per our Health and Safety policy, all employees are ‘orientated’ on an individual basis. Each person is given a copy of the policy and the regulations. In addition, the appropriate safety courses are taken and are kept up on a regular basis as a matter of employee safety and as regulations require. A safety committee is set–up within the company and a full time safety coordinator is on staff. As the responsible Contractor on site, BDA’s policy will be strictly enforced.

Further training protocols include:

  • All employees that may be required to transport any dangerous goods are appropriately trained in order that the Act is complied with.
  • WHMIS: All employees are trained by BDA as per the Act.
  • Fire Protection: Employees that may be required to use fire extinguishers are trained in its proper use and care. As a minimum, employees are trained to use a 20 lb. ABC type extinguisher. Additional training will be provided as per hazard analysis or client request.
  • P.P.E.: Employees are instructed in the use and care and maintenance of all P.P.E.
  • Accident Investigation: all supervision is trained in accident investigation techniques.